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Welcome to the first edition of Building Consultancy Today, our quarterly newsletter. This issue focuses on building costs.
Each newsletter will provide you with insights about the trends and issues affecting the property industry today and in the future. We want to hear from you, and would welcome feedback and suggestions for future topics.
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David Hitchcock
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Re-letting Vacant Space
Landlords probably feel that early signs of a resumption of growth in the economy means the letting market will be improving.
Terry Platt, Director in Building Consultancy’s Capital Projects team explains why it will be harder for landlords to refurbish vacant space, and all the more important to maximise dilapidations recovery from departing tenants.
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Building Costs - How Far, How Fast?
Opinions are divided about the future pattern of building costs in the market. Increases of 15% in the next three years are not out of the question. Will this really materialise? Is it sustainable, and what is the likely change year on year throughout the UK?
Chris Noon, Cost Consultancy Director adds his views to the debate.
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A Contractor's Market Again
There is a change in attitude from the building industry. It has choice for the first time in many years. Clients now need to offer scale and repeat business to secure the right contractor.
Matt Wilderspin,Head of CBRE's Projects team explains the trends from a corporate occupier’s viewpoint.
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Are Energy Costs Stalling the Recovery?
Energy costs are headline news. Effective energy monitoring, systems that optimise energy use and smart strategies about buying energy are the keys to a low cost energy strategy.
Stefan Desormeaux, Head of CBRE's Building Services team explains the options for landlords and occupiers, and gives his top tips for controlling costs.
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Risk or Reward
As the construction market gets busier, building contractors are less willing to accept the transfer of risk; a least not without an increase in tender prices to compensate them. Clients need to look at risk again and reflect on the changing cost of transferring it.
Rob Ridgwell, Head of CBRE Cost Consultancy considers the strategies property owners and tenants need to consider.
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Is Your Building Adequately Insured?
Flood risk. Is there really any more to say? If that is not reason enough to revisit current building insurance cover, increases in building costs adds an extra impetus.
Neville Burton, Head of CBRE Reinstatement Cost Assessments discusses the risks to landlords and tenants.
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Rising building costs
Contractors less willing to take risk
Cost risk moving back to clients
Risks of under insurance
Importance of dilapidations recovery
Procurement choice now key to finding the right builder
Cost savings through smarter on site staff
Here are our market predictions for 2014's improving economic conditions:
Increased market confidence - supplier’s market returns
Greater sensitivity
to risk
More claims against poor advice
More fluidity in the employment market
Increased fees, salaries and procurement costs
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